We sell Rail Train Rides and Trackless Train Rides
for parks, zoos, resorts, malls, estates

Our Santa Fe trackless trains provide a simple and inexpensive solution for operations looking for a fun and functional train ride. The Santa Fe rides on rubber tires, so it can be put to work immediately without the need to lay track. 

Send the Santa Fe through the parking lot to pick up or drop off visitors. In a park or zoo, the Santa Fe can travel cart paths with as many as 32 passengers to provide guided tours.

Passengers appreciate the open views and the ease of loading and unloading. Passengers of all ages love the train ride experience and the train’s fun design.

Locomotive Data

Engine: Isuzu 4JB1

Fuel: Diesel

Maximum Speed: 15 mph (25 kph)

Seating: Two seats

Length: 141.7 inches (3600 mm)

Width: 75 inches (1920 mm)

Height: 83.5 inches (2120 mm)

Axle Distance: 70. 85 inches (1800 mm)

Maximum Towing: 26,455 lbs (12,000 kg)

Drive System: Manual gearbox, Isuzu 5-speed

Axles: Front: 1 steering axle    Rear: 1 drive axle

Brakes: Front: Hydraulic drum brakes      Rear: Hydraulic drum brakes

Minimum Air Pressure: 58 psi (4 bar)

Handbrake: Mechanical on rear axle


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