We sell Rail Train Rides and Trackless Train Rides
for parks, zoos, resorts, malls, estates

Track Installation:

Arizona Railroad Depot's engineering experts have installed track at locations all around the world. We make arrangements with skilled local contractors to install track, trestles and other features using our designs and products.

Our design team has decades of experience locating, training and working with contractors throughout the world to install our track to our specifications. We arrange for earthmoving specialists to shape the site and prepare the surface to support the weight of a fully-laden train. We supervise installaation of track, crossings, trestles, switches and other features that make the ride fun and safe for your passengers.

And of course, we work with you at every step in the process to insure that the final product enhances your attraction with minimal disruption to the operatioin.

 Track Design and Layout:

Our designers work with you to create a track layout that will excite passengers and fit well with the topography and other requirements of your location.

Do you simply need to move passengers from Point A to Point B, or are you looking for a ride that delights passengers and sends them home to tell their friends what a great time they had? Either way, our designers have decades of experience turning dreams into reality.

We will visit your site and work with you to develop the perfect layout to match the theme you've chosen for your attraction.

The result will be a ride that's fun, safe and functional.

 Track Repair and Maintenance:

We provide maintenance information for your staff to care for track, or we can provide trained local people to handle repairs and maintenance to make sure track remains safe and delivers the long life you expect.

Each Ariizona Railroad Depot product may look unique, but the engines, transmissions and other drive train components come from well-known auto and truck manufacturers. That means that many of our customers have a good local source for critical parts and service, and our systems will be familiar to local mechanics. Of course, we also stock those common parts, and can deliver them worldwide.

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