We sell Rail Train Rides and Trackless Train Rides
for parks, zoos, resorts, malls, estates

Arizona Railroad Depot builds vintage trains of America, Canada, Europe and the rest of the world. We also build specialty vehicles to transport and entertain people. We build rail trains, trackless trains, all-terrain systems and a wide range of other systems to transport people in a fun and efficient style.

Products include rail trains designed with the look of old-style steam engine locomotives like the C.P. Huntington and the CP173. Our trackless road train products vary from the Americana to the Santa Fe.

We don't cut corners. All trains from Arizona Railroad Depot come with new diesel or gasoline engines and transmissions from well-known manufacturers.

No matter what the scale or style, our trains add style. We build them to fit the surroundings where they will be working, whether it's an Old-West locomotive, a Zoo African Safari or another design to match the theme of the attraction.

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